Team Building

Building Focus and Trust in Virtual Teams

As teams migrate more of their work to a permanent hybrid state, where people work both virtually and in person, it’s critical to think about what team leaders can do to assure the success of their teams. In this article, we want to zero in on the importance of building focus and trust. Download the …

High-Performing Teams

One of the distinctions between good leaders and so-so leaders is the way in which they build effective teams.

New Research Underscores the Importance of Trust

My book The Leadership Equation explained why trust is so important to building high-performing organizations. It explained how our brain chemistry is hard-wired to look for signals that we trust one another.

Team Operating Principles

These “rules of engagement” or “operating principles” can go a long way toward minimizing team conflicts and helping people build trust.

What Google Learned About the Perfect Team

Do you ever wonder why some teams work well together and others don’t? What’s the secret ingredient – is it the people, their personalities, education, background, gender, or experience? Teams have been studied at length by researchers. According to a recent New York Times article, “What Google Learned From Its Quest to Build The Perfect …

Focus and Trust in High-Performing Teams

This tool emphasizes the importance of focus and trust in creating high performing teams. The tool describes four types of teams. Using this tool, leaders can assess their teams and quickly see ways to transform them into high performing teams. Teams that feel directed toward achieving a clear goal are happier and more energized, studies …