Strategic Planning

LRI’s expert strategic planning consultants assure you and your organization are thinking and acting strategically. The COVID-19 pandemic highlights the importance of thinking strategically about the future. Here are the specific ways our facilitators can help:

  • Design a strategic planning process that effectively engages teams in thinking about the future.
  • Facilitate decisions about the important trends and factors affecting your organization’s future.
  • Conduct interviews with key stakeholders to assess your organization’s current position.
  • Facilitate decisions about priorities for change.
  • Refresh your organization’s purposevision, and core values.
  • Translate your thinking into a succinct strategic plan.
  • Help you determine how success will be measured with metrics and targets.
  • Build organizational support and buy-in for the plan.
  • Facilitate regular monitoring of the strategic plan to assure you achieve the desired results.
  • Facilitate the development of related action plans.

    View our strategic planning consulting case study or check out examples of client experiences.

    HSBC Bank

    Eric Douglas has accomplished what many in his profession have not: he’s mastered the ability to under-engineer the highly complex organizational change process. By simplifying the process and employing an intimate and open approach, he’s earned the trust and respect of our entire executive team. His success in identifying, distilling, and simplifying issues allows him to provide our team with a sophisticated, yet pragmatic array of easy-to-access tools that are tailored to our needs and that we’re able to put to work right away.

    HSBC Bank

    For the past 18 months, LRI has helped our executive team, including our chairman, build and enhance its communication skills, gain agreements around key strategic questions, and pull away at the fabric surrounding various internal conflicts and resolve them in constructive ways.

    Early Edge California

    The counsel I received from LRI on communication and change management allowed me to successfully lead my organization through critical decision points. My coach helped me ask the right questions and assess whether my organizational capacities matched those required to drive our desired strategies.

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