Strategic Planning

LRI’s expert strategic planning consultants assure you and your organization are thinking and acting strategically. Here are the specific ways our facilitators can help:

  • Design a strategic planning process that effectively engages people in thinking strategically about the future.
  • Conduct interviews with key stakeholders to assess your organization’s current position.
  • Facilitate decisions about the important trends and factors affecting your organization’s future.
  • Clarify your organization’s purpose, vision, and core values.
  • Facilitate decisions about priorities for change.
  • Translate your thinking into a succinct strategic plan.
  • Help you determine how success will be measured with metrics and targets.
  • Build organizational support and buy-in for the plan.
  • Facilitate regular monitoring of the strategic plan to assure you achieve the desired results.
  • Facilitate the development of related action plans.

View our strategic planning consulting case study or check out examples of client experiences.

University of California Press

LRI helped us experience a real change in the way that we do planning and resolve problems. It made it possible for us to say exactly what we wanted to say, and for others to hear exactly what we said. Looking back, I wonder why we didn’t do this before.

Moving Forward Towards Independence

From the first moment we spoke, I was reassured of Eric Douglas’ commitment to our organization and to keeping our Board on a purposeful track.

HLA Group

We loved working with LRI. Their whole approach is results-driven, and their consultants really know their stuff. It was amazing how much we got done. Our executive team now has a richer and clearer understanding of what we need to do to succeed.

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