Board Governance

LRI helps Boards of Directors develop clarity about their role and that of management – and achieve higher levels of performance. The COVID-19 pandemic has exposed the need for Boards to engage in effective risk management. Our consultants can help your Board optimize its role and its performance.

Working with organizations of all types, we:

  • Train the Board to appreciate the Habits of High-Performing Boards and fundamental principles of effective governance e.g. unity of control.
  • Assess the current systems of board governance and identify areas for improvement.
  • Help the Board appreciate the pros and cons of different forms and models of governance.
  • Design and facilitate workshops to help the Board reach higher levels of effectiveness.
  • Create policies that define the Board’s governing principles, the delegations to staff, and the board’s strategic priorities.
  • Measure the Board’s performance and provide feedback so that it can continuously improve.
  • Provide coaching to Board leaders so they can excel in their roles.
  • Facilitate discussions and reach decisions about other aspects of governance e.g. the role of committees, guidelines for ethical behavior, definition of individual Board member responsibilities etc.

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HLA Group

We loved working with LRI. Their whole approach is results-driven, and their consultants really know their stuff. It was amazing how much we got done. Our executive team now has a richer and clearer understanding of what we need to do to succeed.

University of California Press

LRI helped us experience a real change in the way that we do planning and resolve problems. It made it possible for us to say exactly what we wanted to say, and for others to hear exactly what we said. Looking back, I wonder why we didn’t do this before.


For the past 18 months, LRI has helped our executive team, including our chairman, build and enhance its communication skills, gain agreements around key strategic questions, and pull away at the fabric surrounding various internal conflicts and resolve them in constructive ways.

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