Board Governance

LRI helps boards of directors develop clarity about their role and that of management – and achieve higher levels of performance.

Working with organizations of all types, we:

  • Assess the current systems of board governance and identify areas for improvement.
  • Train board members to appreciate the habits of high-performing boards.
  • Facilitate customized interventions to help boards reach higher levels of effectiveness.
  • Create policies that define the Board’s governing principles, the delegations to staff, and the board’s strategic priorities.
  • Measure the board’s performance and provide feedback so that it can continuously improve.
  • Provide coaching to board leaders so they can excel in their roles.

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Check out examples of client experiences.

California State Board of Equalization

We used LRI to assist our agency with an employee assessment survey this summer. LRI was very accommodating and easy to work with. BOE is very happy to be a client and will use LRI’s expertise again.

Escape Technology

During the summer of 2015 we began a strategic planning process with LRI, specifically with Karin Bloomer. This was our first attempt at an encompassing five-year plan. I was amazed by how quickly Karin assimilated our culture, processes, and critical priorities. Karin expertly pushed us through the conversations we needed to have – some of them not easy. I’m happy to report we are extremely pleased with the result. We completed the project on time – and on budget. I highly recommend Karin for future engagements.

Bickmore Risk Services

Leading Resources was instrumental in leading us through challenging strategic decisions. Eric Douglas was masterful in balancing his role as facilitator and corporate advisor. I would recommend LRI to anyone

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