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LRI Services

Leading Resources Inc. (“LRI”) was founded in 1998 with a mission to develop highly effective leaders and leading organizations. We have deep expertise in facilitating change and strengthening organizational capacity. LRI has five practice areas:

What distinguishes LRI from other consultancies is that we don’t simply assess and recommend. We guide our clients through processes that result in real, meaningful change and improved success.

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Leadership Equation

How do leaders build high-performing organizations?
In this fascinating book, entrepreneur and business consultant Eric Douglas draws on his work with corporations, government agencies,and nonprofit organizations to paint a clear picture of what happens inside high-performing organizations.

Straight Talk®

Helping individuals and teams communicate successfully
Straight Talk® is a suite of communication skills that raises the quality of communication for both individuals and teams. Straight Talk® helps you quickly identify your communication style and then provides tips for improving it.
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