LRI Practice Areas

Everything we do is animated by the idea that expert facilitators can help organizations, teams, and individuals more quickly achieve real, meaningful change.

  • We work closely with our clients to design processes that meet their needs.
  • We facilitate understanding and buy-in among employees and stakeholders.
  • We assist clients in implementing and sustaining change over time.

LRI’s consultants help clients move to the highest level of organizational performance, as shown on this graphic:

Here are our five practice areas:

LRI’s clients range from large health care companies to small engineering firms and from publicly-traded corporations to entrepreneurial non-profits. In addition to our consulting services and leadership workshops, LRI provides its clients with an exclusive Client Member Area, which contains tools used by LRI consultants to strengthen teams and organizations.

Our case studies and examples of client experiences highlight the ways we facilitate change. Please read our testimonials to see what our clients have to say.


Eric Douglas has accomplished what many in his profession have not: he’s mastered the ability to under-engineer the highly complex organizational change process. By simplifying the process and employing an intimate and open approach, he’s earned the trust and respect of our entire executive team. His success in identifying, distilling, and simplifying issues allows him to provide our team with a sophisticated, yet pragmatic array of easy-to-access tools that are tailored to our needs and that we’re able to put to work right away.

California State Employees Association

LRI’s calm, yet firm leadership allowed everyone to be free in expressing their concerns. Their advice and guidance yielded unexpected strategic benefits.

Early Edge California

The counsel I received from LRI on communication and change management allowed me to successfully lead my organization through critical decision points. My coach helped me ask the right questions and assess whether my organizational capacities matched those required to drive our desired strategies.

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