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Straight Talk Communication Skills

Want to know your communication style?
Straight Talk is a suite of communication skills that raises the quality of communication for both people and teams. Take the Survey >>

Straight Talk focuses on four styles of communicating. Research has shown that people have four different ways of seeing the world and thus four different ways of communicating and relating. Each style has its own approach to leadership, problem-solving, decision making, management, and conflict resolutions. Armed with an understanding of these styles, people can improve their interactions very quickly.

The Book

This highly acclaimed Straight Talk book details techniques for improving communication, cutting through conflict, and creating successful organizations.

The Survey

The Straight Talk survey will provide insight into your style of communication and how you can communicate more effectively. This opens the door to an entirely new kind of organizational culture where people are more successful in their communications. It is absolutely free.

The Workshops

Our experts develop customized Straight Talk communication workshops for any organization. Workshops can be crafted to focus on communication styles, managing decisions, or resolving conflicts.

The Course

Discover 10 lessons to improve your communication with Straight Talk with this online video course. Raise your awareness about different communication styles, identify and appreciate their strengths, and tune your own style to be most effective with other people.

The Research

The goal of the first phase of our research was to construct a survey that could reliably measure the Straight Talk Communication Styles that were developed by Eric Douglas. The research focused on…

The Blog

The blog is a crash course designed to teach anyone the core principles of Straight Talk. Stay up-to-date with our latest insights and browse through dozens of lessons on communication styles and communication skills.