Leadership Development

Developing leaders has been at the core of LRI’s work since the beginning. Here are the specific ways our leadership development consultants and coaches can help:

Provide leadership coaching for individuals and teams.

Leadership Coaching
Remote COVID Coaching ($350/3hrs)

LRI coaches have worked in many different types of organizations and sectors – and can offer valuable insights and examples to help leaders reach the next level quickly. 

  • Develop and administer 360 surveys for your managers and leaders and provide high-quality, in-depth analyses of their strengths and blind spots.
  • Help leaders create and implement individual leadership development plans.

Download the PDF – “The Three Phases of Leadership Development”

Develop your leadership pipeline tools and resources.

leadership pipeline coachingAssess what your organization is currently doing to develop your leaders, identify the areas of greatest need, and help you implement specific, measurable improvements in your leadership development “pipeline.”

  • Apply the 70/20/10 framework to your leadership development program, to assure leaders get the best combination of on-the-job learning, coaching, and training.
  • Develop a tailored competency model that defines the specific behaviors, skills and competencies expected of leaders and managers at each level.
  • Conduct employee engagement surveys– and provide in-depth analyses and reports.

Download the PDF – “Developing Effective Leadership Teams”

Create a leadership academy to train leaders.

Leadership Academy for Leadership DevelopmentHelp you design and implement customized in-house leadership academies and training programs.

DHCS Academy: First-in-the-Nation Experiment Is a Big Success Story

View examples of client experiences or case studies to learn more.

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Eric Douglas has accomplished what many in his profession have not: he’s mastered the ability to under-engineer the highly complex organizational change process. By simplifying the process and employing an intimate and open approach, he’s earned the trust and respect of our entire executive team. His success in identifying, distilling, and simplifying issues allows him to provide our team with a sophisticated, yet pragmatic array of easy-to-access tools that are tailored to our needs and that we’re able to put to work right away.

Early Edge California

The counsel I received from LRI on communication and change management allowed me to successfully lead my organization through critical decision points. My coach helped me ask the right questions and assess whether my organizational capacities matched those required to drive our desired strategies.

California State Employees Association

LRI’s calm, yet firm leadership allowed everyone to be free in expressing their concerns. Their advice and guidance yielded unexpected strategic benefits.

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