Leadership Development

Developing leaders has been at the core of LRI’s work since the beginning. Here are the specific ways our leadership development consultants and coaches can help:Leadership Development Consultants Sacramento

  • Assess what your organization is currently doing to develop your leaders, identify the areas of greatest need, and help you implement specific, measurable improvements in your leadership development “pipeline.”
  • Help you apply the 70/20/10 framework to your leadership development program, assuring your leaders get the best combination of on-the-job learning, coaching and feedback, and training.
  • Develop a tailored competency model that defines the specific behaviors, skills and competencies expected of leaders and managers at each level of your organization.
  • Develop and administer 360 surveys for your managers and leaders and provide high-quality, in-depth analyses of their strengths and blind spots.
  • Help leaders create and implement individual leadership development plans.
  • Help you develop an internal mentoring program.
  • Conduct employee engagement surveys – and provide in-depth analyses and reports.
  • Provide leadership coaching to your senior level and emerging leaders.
  • Help you design and implement customized in-house leadership academies and training programs that incorporate all elements of the 70/20/10 framework.
  • Analyze your succession planning needs and develop a succession plan that assures your continued success.
  • Facilitate leadership development workshops for your team or organization.

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Moving Forward Towards Independence

From the first moment we spoke, I was reassured of Eric Douglas’ commitment to our organization and to keeping our Board on a purposeful track.

Sacramento Ballet

LRI is outstanding! Eric Douglas led the Sacramento Ballet through a challenging project of developing its first-ever comprehensive written strategic plan at a critical junction in the history of the organization. Eric’s leadership skills were superb as he worked to enlist the support of all stakeholders and facilitated discussions that allowed the organization to put into words its hopes and dreams for the next several years, while helping the project team remain focused on keeping the objectives realistic, achievable and measurable. I highly recommend LRI without any reservation.

Retinal Consultants

The elite team at LRI has developed clear and effective tools to tackle even the most onerous management problems. Their uncanny ability to sharpen focus and facilitate communication has been a great asset to our company.

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