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Leadership Workshops

At the team and group level, LRI offers an outstanding series of leadership workshops that we can deliver either directly or as train-the-trainer. Our lineup of workshops includes:

Building an Effective Organizational Culture

What distinguishes a great organization culture from others? What are the things that leaders should focus their attention on? In this workshop, participants focus on ten “quantum leaps” that result in a high performing organizational culture.

Communicating Effectively at Work

This workshop teaches leaders, managers and teams how to be aware of their communication style and improve their interactions with others. This workshop is particularly useful for those who work in people-intensive environments.

Making and Managing Sound Decisions

This workshop teaches leaders and teams how to make sound decisions. You’ll learn the five types of decisions and the three steps to a flawless decision. Participants will walk away knowing how to effectively manage decision processes.

Resolving Conflict at Work

This workshop teaches leaders and managers productive conflict resolution – before it creates pain and expense for the organization. You’ll gain insight into the dynamics of conflict resolution and how to use Straight Talk™ to break the conflict cycle. Using case studies, you’ll discover the most effective strategies.

The Five Habits of Highly Effective Teams

Great leaders all know that a key to obtaining optimum results lies in developing highly effective teams. This workshop will cover the five habits of highly effective teams and assist leaders in understanding their role in the development of teams.

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