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Communication Styles Workshop

This workshop on communication styles teaches leaders, managers and teams how to be aware of their communication style and improve their interactions with others. This workshop is particularly useful for those who work in people-intensive environments. Based on the book, Straight Talk.

Using tools, exercises, and case studies, you’ll learn to:

  • Identify your leadership style
  • Learn how your style affects others
  • Work with different styles
  • Improve your interactions with others
  • Identify the style of someone you’ve just met
  • Flex your leadership style to be more successful
  • Become a more effective leader

To speak with a facilitator, call (916) 325-1190 or email

Leaders, managers, employees, and teams.

Length of workshop:
Each Straight Talk® workshop can be delivered in 2-4 hours. Or combine all three for a powerful all-day learning experience. Workshops can be customized to meet your needs.

Materials provided:
Workbook, tools, plus password access to online tools and Straight Talk® survey.