Job Rotation for a New Perspective

Job Rotation for a New Perspective

Often times getting the right people on the bus means changing people’s seats on the bus. There is a natural cycle to productivity. People typically learn a new job in the first year. Then they’re highly productive for the next two to five years. But at some point, they start to treat their job as just a job. They stop thinking about it as a learning experience. That’s the time to rotate them into something else. To maintain productivity, they need to find a new challenge to conquer.

At my recommendation, one of my clients instituted job rotations at the top level and it resulted in an interesting change. The previous COO thought the IT Department was doing fine. When a different senior manager was rotated in for six months as COO, he recognized the IT Department was on the wrong path. He out-sourced two major IT projects and cut headcount in half As a result, the company’s IT performance improved significantly. It was job rotation that gained the company a new perspective.

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