Decision Making Process – A Guide to Flawless Decisions

This tool provides a simple, straightforward checklist for an effective decision making process. Leaders can use this tool to clarify decision making steps for defining roles and responsibilities – and training people to make better decisions. It includes brief definitions of the five types of decisions (our “Five Types of Decisions” tool contains detailed explanations of each type).

1. Spell it out:

  • Define what type of decision it is.
  • Clarify roles & responsibilities.
  • Define process & timetable.

2. Follow through:

  • Do what you said.
  • Provide progress reports.
  • Remind people about the process.

3. Communicate:

  • Tell people the results.
  • Provide feedback on process.

The Five Types of Decisions

1. Autocratic: I decide myself.

2. Consultative: I decide after consulting with a defined group of people.

3. Consensus: We make it together. (Everyone has an equal say, and the vast majority of us must agree.)

4. Delegated: I delegate it to you. (I may want you to consult with me, but the decision is ultimately yours.)

5. Democratic: We decide on the basis of a vote, using “majority rules” or some other voting standard.

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