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Leading Innovation

For a client of ours, we recently compiled a special edition of The Working Report highlighting the best articles on leading innovation. I’ve selected a few key takeaways for leaders to consider.

Two Innovations in Leadership Coaching

We are always trying to be innovative as a firm in providing leadership coaching to our clients. Two examples are our “coaching pods” and our “Just in Time” coaching.

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Organizing for Innovation

This tool provides a valuable checklist of specific ideas to make sure your company is organized for innovation. It lists specific strategies for creating an environment in which innovation flourishes. Among other things, it details the pros and cons of technological “push” versus market “pull.” It also describes the role of corporate headquarters in fostering …

Empowering Employees to Innovate

This handy tool provides a way for employees to suggest ideas for improvement (a new market to go into, a new product to sell, or a new way of doing business). Using a simple template, it asks for five pieces of information that are important in evaluating whether the idea has merit. Leaders can tell …

Helping New Managers Achieve “Flow”

In my new book, The Leadership Equation I describe in detail the 10 practices needed to build high performing companies in a time of accelerating change. The sixth practice is “Stimulate Creative Flow.” I was reminded yesterday why this  is so important as I facilitated a discussion about helping new supervisors and managers be successful. Why …