Leading Innovation in 2019

For a client of ours, we recently compiled a special edition of The Working Report highlighting the best articles on leading innovation. I’ve selected a few key takeaways for leaders to consider.

Turning Failure Into Success

Nobody fails because they make mistakes. Failure is only when people stop trying. Leaders should not frame mistakes as failures, but as learning points—inevitable steps on the path of innovation.

How to Stimulate Creative Flow

As a leader and manager, how do you spark creative flow in other people? I think there are four keys.

Organizing for Innovation

This tool provides a valuable checklist of specific ideas to make sure your company is organized for innovation. It lists specific strategies for creating an environment in which innovation flourishes. Among other things, it details the pros and cons of technological “push” versus market “pull.” It also describes the role of corporate headquarters in fostering …

Enabling Local Invention

The most successful innovations are typically “demand-pull” in nature, driven by insights into what customers want. The people at the front lines of your business are most likely to have those insights. Many executives make the mistake of asking high-level executives to lead the innovation charge. But fueling local invention will have greater success. Here …

What Google Can and Can’t Teach Us

Two recent articles about Google are worth reading. “What Cloud Computing Means To Your Job” appeared in The New York Times business section on November 24. It cites Google, Amazon and Microsoft as companies that are using cloud computing to drive rapid cycle innovation on the web. The common factor, the article states, is that all three …