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Leadership Coaching

Five Types of Leadership Coaching

Sacramento Leadership Coaching

Executive coaching can make the difference between mediocre and exceptional leadership. LRI coaches have worked in many different types of organizations and sectors – and can offer valuable insights/examples to help leaders and managers reach the next level quickly.

Leading Resources, Inc. offers in-person Sacramento leadership coaching and/or remote leadership coaching for emerging, developing, and senior leaders. We offer leadership workshops on remote team building, building trust, effective delegation, communication styles, meeting management, and more. For senior executives, we provide 1:1 coaching and succession coaching.

Watch our free webinar on The Leadership Pipeline: Developing Leaders for Today and Tomorrow.

What is leadership coaching?

Leadership coaching helps executives, managers, and leaders achieve measurable improvements in performance. We have identified five types of coaching: 1:1 coaching, onboard coaching, succession coaching, team coaching, and project management coaching.

Leadership coaching typically involves:

  • Initial meetings to establish rapport and objectives
  • A 360 assessment
  • Analysis of the results of the 360
  • A leadership development plan (LDP)
  • Coaching for a defined period of time
  • Access to an extensive array of management and leadership tools and resources

As a result, leaders:

  • Identify strengths and development needs
  • Clarify behaviors that impede job effectiveness
  • Develop self-awareness
  • Become more open to constructive feedback
  • Identify and execute improvement strategies


1:1 Coaching

1:1 executive coaching is for leaders who want an experienced coach to provide a sounding board to support them with feedback, questions, and guidance.

This helps senior leaders:

  • Create more effective and efficient solutions
  • Identify “blind spots”
  • Set priorities
  • Hold themselves accountable

Onboard Coaching

Onboard coaching occurs during the first 90 days of a manager’s or executive’s hire – the time when lasting impressions are made, when grasping what is expected is critical, and when understanding the nuances of an organization’s culture is all-important. Research indicates four out of ten newly promoted executives fail within 18 months. LRI’s onboarding process can reverse that trend by providing practical and customized coaching to new managers.

The return on investment includes:

  • Increased success for the transitioning manager/executive
  • Increased employee satisfaction
  • Improved business results
  • Improved retention

Succession Coaching

Succession coaching is the process by which leaders ensure they have talented people ready to move into senior positions. It can help you identify the key competencies leaders need for success within the larger context of the organization. We can then help you identify up and coming managers, provide coaching, and plan for their regular exposure to new stretch assignments. This integrated approach to succession planning ensures that the organization optimizes its bench strength quickly and efficiently.

This includes:

  • Identifying key competencies
  • Building bench strength for key roles
  • Aligning ready talent with the strategic direction of the larger organization
  • Filling key openings quickly from within

Team Coaching

Team coaches can help your company build a successful leadership team. Using powerful team-building tools and customized approaches, LRI helps teams improve communication, develop sound operating principles, and create clear measures of success. We coach teams in the “Five Habits of High-Performing Teams” and teach leaders how to survey their teams and track improvement. Each member learns and understands each other’s communication styles and preferences. LRI’s Straight Talk® system makes this easy to do online.

Teams will learn how to:

  • Develop team operating principles.
  • Work with each other’s communication styles.
  • Use appreciative and constructive feedback.
  • Develop performance goals for the team/members.
  • Prepare individual goal plans for each member.

Project Management Coaching

Project management coaching focuses on helping managers develop the specific skills needed to successfully lead and manage projects involving multiple stakeholders. In addition to teaching the use of specific software tools to facilitate effective project management, our coaches provide concrete case studies to test understanding and help managers build an understanding of the communication and decision management skills needed.

Specifically, project management coaching entails:

  • Coaching in decision management
  • Training in negotiations and conflict management
  • Case studies and role-playing
  • Training in specific software applications

As a leader-manager evolves his or her skills, they proceed along a development path that has three phases: the emerging leader, the developing leader, and the strategic leader. Each phase is characterized by specific themes and challenges. The tool below lists the attributes of each phase and the competencies that need to be mastered.

Download the PDF – “The Three Phases of Leadership Development”

LRI is experienced, proven, and innovative in how we offer Sacramento leadership coaching to our clients. Please send us a message to discuss your specific coaching needs.

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