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Organizational Surveys

LRI administers several different types of organizational surveys. We have expertise in quantitative and statistical analysis and adhere to the highest standards of rigor in our survey design and implementation.

Types of organizational surveys

  • Core Values Surveys – We survey organizations about their core values and help them determine areas of strength and improvement.

  • Team Surveys – We help teams determine where they’re performing well, using the Five Habits of High-Performing Teams.

  • 360 Leadership Surveys – We design and conduct 360 surveys to help leaders gain insights into their individual strengths and areas of potential growth.

  • Employee Satisfaction Surveys – We design and conduct employee satisfaction surveys.

  • Stakeholder Surveys – As part of our strategic planning and change management work, we design surveys to engage internal and external stakeholders.

  • Board of Directors Surveys – We help Boards of Directors identify areas of strength and areas that need improvement with regards to governance.

  • Business Process Improvement Surveys – We custom design process improvement surveys based on the desired outputs and outcomes.

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