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The Leader as a Heat Shield

When your organization is under fire or in crisis, you need to see yourself as a heat shield. The metaphor is apt. When a space vehicle re-enters the earth’s atmosphere, the heat shield deflects and diffuses the energy that would otherwise burn up the capsule. Similarly, leaders must act as heat shields for their organizations. …

Celebrate Failure

Leaders should not only celebrate successes, but failures as well. Failures are inevitable on the path of innovation, and smart leaders know there’s much to be learned from failure. We worked with a company that made software applications for medium-sized companies. Tom, the company’s CEO, was a big, affable guy in his mid-40s and a …

Business Management Problems: Staff or Management?

Is the problem with staff or management? Is the staff not motivated and could this be solved with a change of management style?

Characteristics of a Good Leader and The Leadership Paradox

Picture someone you think of as a great leader. What are the qualities that make him or her a great leader? What comes to mind? Courage? Vision? Wisdom? Experience? What sets them apart?

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