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Developing Business Core Values

Business core values are the activities essential to the success of the organization. In healthy organizations, people share a clear understanding of what these core values are and how they are measured. This tool helps people identify and develop core values. It is best used in conjunction with the “Six Rings Model: Integrated Strategic Planning.” …

What is Good Customer Service?

This is a story of what is good customer service – and how the small things matter. Ultimately, it’s a story about trust. What is Good Customer Service? I recently bought a new Nissan hybrid. As part of the deal, I turned in my previous Nissan, which I had leased. The sales manager at the …

What I Learned at Disneyland – Transporting People to a Happier Place Mentally and Emotionally

It got me to thinking that every company needs a similar “transportation” strategy – a strategy for transporting people to a happier place mentally and emotionally.