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Issue Mapping: Solving Tough Organizational Problems

Leaders can brainstorm effective approaches to solving these kinds of difficult issues by using this issue mapping tool.

Words of Wisdom

This article was published in 1998 by the SF Examiner… still relevant.

68 Straight Talk Communication Quotes

Here are 68 communication quotes by Eric Douglas, author of Straight Talk.

The Three Elements of Communication

All communication is comprised of three elements: style, intent, and content. Intent is the most basic. It is the underlying force behind every communication.

Resolving Conflicts with Straight Talk

In our research, we’ve found an epidemic of unresolved conflict inside modern organizations. Much of it can be traced back to poor communication.

The Eleven Ground Rules List

Communication between people can be harmonious, even downright civil, even though emotions are high and differing viewpoints struggle to prevail.

Motivating Different Styles

Studies show that people are motivated by many different things. Money ranks in the middle of the list.

The Tools of Productive Communication

This post contains three tools that will help you re-learn how you communicate.

The Four Powers of Communication

The word communication literally means “to make common.” At its most basic level, it means letting your needs be known. At its highest level, communication means building strong, trusting relationships with people whose perspectives are very different from your own. The educator and psychotherapist Virginia Satir wrote, “Once a human being has arrived on this …

The Role of Conversation

Change happens because people talk. Conversation is the work that people must do to change. The problem is, most leaders forget that their role is to create forums where people can talk about their work, ask what could be improved, and listen to their suggestions.