Strategic Planning

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Three Strategic Planning Questions That Everyone Should Ask

Everyone’s heard of SWOT analyses – or variants thereof. But what are the questions you really need to ask yourself if you’re thinking strategically? Here are three key strategic planning questions: First, are we clear on our purpose and our bigger “why? Whether you’re a private company, a not-for-profit, a public corporation, or a government …

What Is Strategic Planning?

Our firm has facilitated dozens of strategic planning processes with clients in all sectors. Inevitably, the question comes up: What does it mean? What is strategic planning?

10 Questions to Sharpen Your Strategic Thinking

Here are 10 questions that can be used to help develop a strategic plan.

Streamlined Strategic Planning

Charts, graphs, and thick binders containing reams of paper: is this what comes to mind when you think of strategic planning? If so, you may be reluctant to develop a strategic plan for your organization. However, without a clear strategic plan…

The Six Thinking Hats

The Six Thinking Hats method is a systematic way of thinking about individual roles and group communication. Published by Dr. Edward de Bono in 1985, the Six Thinking Hats method teaches members of a group to think about issues in specific ways. This tool explains each hat and how to use it effectively. What it …

How to Sharpen Focus—And Why It Matters

Why do some companies regularly fail to accomplish their most important priorities? Often the answer is that they’ve failed to sharpen the focus. There are simply too many goals, too many initiatives, and too many things that battle for attention. When this occurs, “goal fatigue” sets in and people tend to revert to doing what …