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How Effective Leaders Accelerate the Pace of Change

Every leader of a company today lives in fear of the disruptive innovation: the new technology, new service, or new government policy that enables customers to bypass your industry completely and get the same service or product from another source. It happened in the newspaper business, when online services stripped away its near monopoly on …

Six Skills for Leading and Managing a Flexible Workplace

A massive change is taking place as people shift to a flexible workplace model. We call this seismic shift the “Third Wave” in how people work. Many organizations have responded in innovative ways. For example, leaders are learning how to manage by outcomes, investing in leadership coaching, and reimagining their organization’s purpose and vision. In …

CEOs Discuss the Challenges and Opportunities of Leading at a Distance

LRI’s founder, Eric Douglas, has been engaging in a series of podcast interviews with CEOs/executive directors to learn what they are learning during this time. Here are the top takeaways: The lack of predictability is without precedent in our lifetimes. Leaders are surprised by how quickly their managers and employees adapted. You have to make decisions quickly, sometimes …

Why Does Building a High-Performing Organization Matter?

I am writing this on Labor Day 2020, thinking about the work our firm does to build high-performing organizations. I want to address two questions: Why does building a high-performing organization matter? And what’s the connection between that work and Labor Day? Philosophers would argue I should start with the end itself – the intended …

Why Giving Advice Isn’t Always The Best Advice

One friend says I need to quarantine my food and my mail for three days. Another advises me to go on an “immunity” diet. A third tells me I should listen to a new medical podcast. A newspaper columnist offers advice on how to stay upbeat during the COVID-19 crisis. I find myself reacting in …

COVID-19 Coaching: How to Think and Act Strategically

As a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, organizations across the globe are re-thinking their business operations and underlying business models.

Three Keys to Effective Leadership Coaching

Having worked as a leadership coach for more than 25 years, I’ve learned a lot – including what not to do and some keys to success. Here are three of those keys.

The Four Leadership Styles

Skillful leadership requires many things. Among them is being aware of your own leadership style – and how it affects other people. Knowing your style, and adjusting it to fit the needs of the situation, helps build trust. This tool describes the four leadership styles in detail. Don’t have time to read the blog? Download the …

The Art of Leadership: Balancing the Intuitive and Logical Mind

The creative process draws on two ways of thinking: the intuitive and logical mind. In this blog, I take a look at how those aspects of mind work together. And what it means for people who want to be the best leaders they can be.

The Search for a New CEO at Wells Fargo

I have a plan for turning Wells Fargo around. It’s called “Return on Integrity” (ROI).