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Organizational Culture Workshop

What distinguishes a great organizational culture? What are the things that leaders should focus their attention on? In this workshop, participants focus on ten “quantum leaps” that result in a high performing organizational culture.

Using tools, exercises, and case studies, you’ll learn how to:

  1. Align the core values
  2. Lead through others
  3. Sharpen the focus
  4. Manage decisions well
  5. Accelerate the pace of change
  6. Stimulate creative flow
  7. Spread systems thinking
  8. Communicate in “12-D”
  9. Start with yourself
  10. Help people assume responsibility

To schedule this workshop, call (916) 325-1190 or email [email protected].

Audience:This workshop is designed for leaders and managers at all experience levels.

Length of workshop:The workshop can be customized to meet your organization’s needs. Each of the ten modules typically requires a minimum of three hours. Please contact us for details.

Materials provided:Workbook, tools, and access to the Leadership ToolBox.

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