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The Ten Quantum Leaps

Leading at Light Speed© describes ten quantum leaps (specific ways of acting and behaving) that build high-performing organizations. This is a brief look at each quantum leap. The book provides more in-depth understanding – as well as specific examples and ways to incorporate each one.

  1. Align the Core Values: Do you communicate clearly and consistently the organization’s core values (what is essential for its success)? Do you make sure there are measures of success tied to the core values? Watch Video
  2. Sharpen the Focus: Do you communicate clearly and consistently the vision for the organization (where it is going)? Does the vision communicate a sharp sense of focus and priorities? Do you make sure there are measures of success tied to the vision? Watch Video
  3. Lead Through Others: Do you make sure that talented people are recruited, placed in the right roles, and developed? Do you build effective teams? Do you manage effective meetings? Do you delegate effectively? Do you develop “operating principles” for people that enable them to work well together? Watch Video
  4. Manage Decisions Well: Do you understand the five types of decision processes? Do you communicate the process surrounding a given decision in such a way that everyone is clear on their roles and expectations? Watch Video
  5. Accelerate the Pace of Change: Do you build processes to share performance information and improve the performance of the organization? Do you engage people in continuous improvement and learning? Do you manage change effectively? Watch Video
  6. Stimulate the Creative Flow: Do you create an environment in which innovation flourishes? Do you drive out fear of failure? Do you reward people for creativity and innovation? Do you search out people’s particular strengths? Do you give people opportunities to display their strengths and experience creative flow? Watch Video
  7. Spread Systems Thinking: Do you encourage people to use a systems approach to solving problems? Are you data-driven in your approach to solving problems? Do you help people overcome the assumption of competence? Do you help people avoid the substitution fallacy? Watch Video
  8. Communicate in 12-D: Do you communicate well internally, up, down and across the organization? Do you communicate well with customers, shareholders, regulators, suppliers, and other interest groups? Do you have a message box? Do you mobilize new media as well as old media effectively? Watch Video
  9. Start With Yourself: Do you set a high standard for personal and professional integrity – and hold other people accountable to a high standard? Specifically, do you display high levels of passion for the organization, honesty and honor, humor, and humility? Can you communicate effectively, using all four “powers” of communication? Watch Video
  10. Help People Assume Responsibility: Are you able to alter your own behaviors to achieve higher levels of performance? Are you able to ask powerful questions that enable other people to assume responsibility and perform as effective leaders in the organization? Watch Video
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