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5 Unexpected Qualities of Great Leaders

“I don’t know anyone who planned to be here,” a CEO of a software company remarked during a forum for CEOs. “I think I got here because of a combination of luck, character, and divine design.” It’s true that you can’t plot your course exactly. But here are five unexpected qualities of virtually every great …

The 20 Leadership Qualities

This tool defines the 20 leadership qualities that researchers have identified as common to virtually all organizations. It can be used to identify the leadership qualities people value most within their organization. It can also be used to help an individual leader assess his or her own leadership skills. Suggested Exercise: A manager can ask …

Characteristics of a Good Leader and The Leadership Paradox

Picture someone you think of as a great leader. What are the qualities that make him or her a great leader? What comes to mind? Courage? Vision? Wisdom? Experience? What sets them apart?