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A 5-Step Cycle for Effective Non-Profit Board Governance

One of the questions we frequently get is: How do non-profit Boards provide effective oversight? What is their governance role and how do they execute it effectively. The diagram below shows a 5-step cycle that can help illuminate the important aspects of non-profit Board governance. Step 1: The cycle begins with the Board providing overall …

Effective Board Governance: 10 New Year’s Resolutions

In the spirit of the new year, here are 10 resolutions I think could apply to the boards of directors of non-profits and public agencies. Pick at least one for yourself and let’s check in 12 months from now!

Strategic Policy Governance – a System That Works for Publicly-Elected Boards

In my travels around the U.S., I work with many different organizations, including public power companies. I work with their publicly-elected Boards to help them figure out how to effectively govern their organizations.

Governance Framework Example

Organizations need a clear governance framework to function effectively. The framework should clarify the role of the governing body – and the role of staff. This tool provides an example of a governance framework that can help agencies achieve a high level of performance. Governing boards clearly have ultimate decision-making authority for everything under their …

Developing Governance Policies – How Effective Boards Work

I worked recently with the Board of Directors of a large public power company. They needed stronger governance systems. I talked about how effective boards work. I detailed our approach. “With our framework,” I told them, “the board expresses exactly what it wants the organization to achieve in the form of policies. By defining what …