How Understanding Communication Styles Can Benefit You

If you’re like me, you work with groups of people all the time. Maybe you’re a manager; maybe you’re involved in a volunteer group; maybe you’re part of a sales team or a product development team. The reality is, most everyone works with at least one group or team on a regular basis.

If so, you may have wondered from time to time how your colleagues think. Do their minds process information the same way you do? Do they look at a report and see the same thing – and think of the same questions? When they hear about a problem, do they respond the same way you do?

Most of us don’t have the time or sophistication to understand how our colleagues think or make decisions. But imagine a tool that did that. How useful that would be!

Straight Talk® is that tool. A simple 32-question survey reveals your style. It’s called your “communication style,” but it’s more than how you communicate. It reveals how you listen, how you think, and the assumptions you make. It reveals insights into who you are and how you like to process information, how you relate and how you respond to people.

Straight Talk® also enables you to compare styles. You can invite other people to take the survey and see a description of how you relate. It enables you to set up teams and view profiles of your team’s communication. The system maps your place on a matrix of styles. It gives you tips on how to apply Straight Talk® and communicate more effectively.

Here are some examples of how groups put Straight Talk® to use.

A volunteer group:

“We are much more patient with each other because we appreciate how different our learning styles are.”

A management team:

“We have much more effective discussions now because we ask each other better questions. The other day, someone asked: ‘Given my style, I need a holistic picture of how this fits into our suite of services. Where are the synergies? Why does it make sense?”

A group of students:

“We use Straight Talk® to make up our study teams. We try to match people with different styles in order to expand our thinking and maximize our collective brainpower.”

So what are you waiting for? If Straight Talk® can help you and your group work together more successfully, why not try it? By the way, the people behind Straight Talk® keep adding new features and content. So it pays to keep coming back each week to see what’s new.

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