Board Governance

Five Best Practices of Non-Profit Boards (and 5 Lessons Learned)

Diversity, inclusion, equity, transparency, cybersecurity, digital transformation—as the list of Board issues continues to rise, the importance of good governance fundamentals cannot be overlooked. In my experience working with non-profit boards for more than 25 years, there are five best practices of high-performing boards that should be at the core of every Board’s understanding. Download …

For Board chairs of public agencies – an opportunity for expert coaching online

During this time, as everyone is sheltering in place and focusing on friends and family, we at LRI are doing the same. FaceTime and Zoom are helping us to keep in touch. And for those of us who have leadership responsibilities, as elected or appointed government officials, we must also stay focused on our mission …

5 Principles to Improve Corporate Governance

The New York Times had interesting article recently about an essay by a former corporate lawyer named Jamie Gamble. Gamble has been exposed to the inner sanctums of some of America’s most prominent corporations.

Sharpening the Focus of a Board

Several new clients have contacted us in the past few weeks looking for help with their Boards. Here are the problems that they talked about.

Effective Board Governance: 10 New Year’s Resolutions

In the spirit of the new year, here are 10 resolutions I think could apply to the boards of directors of non-profits and public agencies. Pick at least one for yourself and let’s check in 12 months from now!

Strategic Policy Governance – a System That Works for Publicly-Elected Boards

In my travels around the U.S., I work with many different organizations, including public power companies. I work with their publicly-elected Boards to help them figure out how to effectively govern their organizations.