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The Importance of Trust in High-Performing Organizations

To understand how fundamental trust truly is, we have to go back to the beginning. As it turns out, we humans are hardwired to seek situations in which we feel trust, because our brains release high levels of…

New Research Underscores the Importance of Trust

My book The Leadership Equation explained why trust is so important to building high-performing organizations. It explained how our brain chemistry is hard-wired to look for signals that we trust one another.

Team Operating Principles

These “rules of engagement” or “operating principles” can go a long way toward minimizing team conflicts and helping people build trust.

Four Leadership Competencies That Build Trust

When employees feel high levels of trust, they feel a sense of calm happiness. They take pride in their work, they communicate openly and honestly, and to the extent they can, they think of themselves as stewards, running the business like they own it. A lack of trust breeds the opposite feeling. It causes people …

Building Trust in the Workplace

How do you accelerate the level of trust in your organization? The short answer: with lots of reciprocity. People feel trust because they are rewarded in many different forms of currency: customers with excellent service and follow-up communication, employees with recognition for a job well done and interesting opportunities, to name a few. But those …

Trust Need Matrix

As a leader, you need to know what people want from you. This handy tool divides people into four types, based on their level of need and level of trust. It enables you to understand the needs of your direct reports and determine the management style that will work best with them. Instructions For each …

Team Building with Straight Talk®

One of our consultants recently facilitated a day of team-building for a client. Her goal was to help the team members understand one another better, build trust, learn the habits of effective teams, and develop operating principles to communicate and work together more effectively. Marcia started the day with an hour-long Straight Talk® workshop. Its purpose was …

The Case of the Restless Board

I’m working with a Board of Directors that is proving most challenging! This particular Board is a chamber of commerce composed of business owners. Every meeting is a marvel of micro-management. Should our web site have a blue banner or green? Which vendor should we use to host our annual meeting? Tactical decisions like these, …

Accelerate Building Trust in the Workplace

Studies over the past few years have shown that trust can grow quickly among people from different backgrounds, given the right circumstances.

Challenges in Leadership: The Big Leap

A great short clip from my life as a leadership and business consultant about the “big leap” leaders must take to bridge gaps between departments for effective communication and synergy.