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How to Measure Performance

Real trust can only grow when people know how the organization’s performance will be judged. In my experience, people align themselves around whatever is being measured like particles of iron around a magnet.

Aligning Performance and Compensation

One of the most important things that a manager does is align performance and compensation. Often times it helps to bring in an outside expert. A consultant can look at a company’s performance objectively and design specific measurable goals that will help motivate stronger performance. A consultant can help determine the stretch objectives (for which …

Creating a Balanced Performance Scorecard

I work with a lot of Boards of Directors for public agencies, corporations, nonprofits. Typically, my focus is on helping these Board develop a high-level performance scorecard that the Board can rely on for measuring the organization’s performance. This, in turn, will accelerate the organization to attain higher levels of performance. The important thing about …