Category: Board Governance

The 5 Habits of High-Performing Boards

When a Board of Directors serves in a governing capacity (e.g. for a non-profit, a public agency, or a corporation), the Board needs to act in certain ways in order to assure high levels of performance throughout the organization. This tool lays out the five habits of high-performing governing boards. Learn more about facilitating the adoption …

Developing Governance Policies – How Effective Boards Work

I worked recently with the Board of Directors of a large public power company. They needed stronger governance systems. I talked about how effective boards work. I detailed our approach. “With our framework,” I told them, “the board expresses exactly what it wants the organization to achieve in the form of policies. By defining what …

The Case of the Restless Board

I’m working with a Board of Directors that is proving most challenging! This particular Board is a chamber of commerce composed of business owners. Every meeting is a marvel of micro-management. Should our web site have a blue banner or green? Which vendor should we use to host our annual meeting? Tactical decisions like these, …

Board Development Training: Fixing Corporate Boards

Is your corporate board suffering from any of these issues? Learn how to fix them.

Good Governance and Performance Goals

I was talking about good governance with an elected official, a member of a city council. “What do you do to encourage good governance?” I asked him.

Good People, Bad Partners: Conflict Resolution through Good Governance Policy

What makes good people be bad partners?

Executive Corporate Board and the Disruptive Member

Ever had to deal with a disruptive board member? How do you balance keeping the Board on track and considering legitimate concerns?

California in Crisis: My Modest Budget Proposal

The solution to the budget crisis in California involves setting ground rules for communication that increase productive conversation on key issues.

CEO Coaching Lesson: The Conference Room

Story about how a tiny, crammed conference room builds credibility and faith in an organizations leaders.

CEO Board Development: Whose Role Is It?

At the heart of high performing organizations is clarity of decision-making roles.