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Strategic Planning Tools

  • Creating Effective Strategy Teams – This tool describes how to use strategy teams to plan and implement specific strategies for your organization.
  • Strategic Planning Process Flowchart – Leaders can use this tool to communicate their planning process to other managers, employees, board members and other stakeholders.
  • Glossary of Strategic Planning Terms – Here is a list of some of the common strategic planning terms – and their definitions.
  • The Six Principles of Strategic Positioning – This tool is for leaders who want to understand the six principles of successful strategic positioning.
  • The Six Rings Strategic Planning Model – This tool defines the six elements of a strategic planning model and shows their relationship and inter-dependence.
  • Organizational Vision: A Group Exercise – This tool is used to help develop an organizational vision. It is best used in a group meeting setting, where teams can complete the exercise and then share their results.
  • The Three Levels of Strategic Planning – This tool shows the relationship between the three strategic planning levels and the various parts of the organization they affect.
  • Strategic Options Impact Matrix – This strategic options impact matrix is great for assessing the relative value of various strategic options.
  • Nine Types of Strategy – This tool concisely defines nine types of strategy. It lists the factors that should drive an organization’s choice of strategy and includes helpful hints guide your choice of strategy.
  • Strategic Thinking and Planning – This article describes the characteristics of strategic thinking and planning. It lays out a series of strategic questions, recommendations, and strategic options.
  • Developing a Vision Statement – This tool is used to develop a vision statement – a clear picture of where the organization wants to be in the future. It helps leaders identify the vision “drivers” of the organization.
  • Vision Statement Examples – A clear vision statement sharpens the focus. It says “here’s our direction, here’s where we’re going, here’s how we’re going to change the world.”
  • Developing a Purpose Statement – This tool explains what a purpose statement is and provides examples, a process, and four questions that need to be answered in order to develop a strong purpose statement.
  • Defining a Competitive Strategy – This tool shows how to define a strategy that will distinguish you from your competitors and enable your company to win and maintain market share.
  • Business Planning Template – This tool details the content of a successful business plan template. It provides a valuable checklist of information that you will need to gather – and poses questions that savvy investors will ask.
  • How to Create a Strategy Map – A clear strategy map sharpens the focus. A strategy map is an optional tool that can be used to clarify the vision: the third ring in the Six Rings Model.
  • 15 Key Financial Ratios – These are the 15 key financial ratios and concepts, along with the formulas for calculating them, how they are used, and examples of good performance.
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