Team Communication Survey

This tool is very useful for leaders who want to develop high performing teams. The tool measures twelve different aspects of team communication through a survey of 52 questions, which enables leaders to identify the areas of strength and the areas that need improvement in team communication.

Use the following scale to answer each question: A score of 1 means you do not agree with the statement; 4 means you agree with it; a 2 or 3 means your opinion falls somewhere in the middle. Your survey results are confidential. Do not write your name on your survey.

Strategic Vision

1. Our team has a clear purpose.
2. Our team is guided by the organization’s strategic goals and objectives.
3. Our team acts in accordance with the organization’s values.
4. Our team has measurable ways to gauge its performance.
5. Our team regularly reviews its performance.

Initiating Change

6. Our team creates new products, services and ways of working.
7. Our team initiates improvements as needed.
8. Our team responds positively to new ideas and ways of doing things.
9. Team members feel free to innovate unencumbered by red tape.

Analysis and Judgment

10. Our team identifies problems it needs to address.
11. Our team seeks relevant information and data for solving problems.
12. Our team draws accurate, logical, objective inferences from information available.
13. Team members challenge each other’s assumptions.
14. Our team solves problems effectively.


15. Our team focuses on getting to the heart of an issue.
16. Our team is willing to make tough decisions.
17. Our team sets priorities and says no to other stuff.
18. Our team holds itself accountable for its actions.
19. Our team makes sound decisions based on full understanding of the issues involved.


20. Our team does long-range planning.
21. Our team develops clear plans to achieve business goals.
22. Our team anticipates problems and responds accordingly.
23. Our team manages its own performance effectively.


24. Our team meetings have a clear purpose to them.
25. Our team meetings have a clear agenda.
26. Our team gets things done at our meetings.
27. Our team meetings are managed well.

Commercial Orientation

28. Our team regularly talks about strategies to create long-term value.
29. Our team is guided by the financial implications of the actions it takes.
30. Our team maintains strict cost discipline.

Productive Communication

31. Team members communicate in a positive manner to one another.
32. Team members work well with different communication styles.
33. Team members are honest with each other.
34. Team members admit what they don’t know and ask for help.
35. Our team makes sure its decisions are well understood by team members.

Building and Maintaining Relationships

36. Team members build relationships with each other.
37. Team members listen carefully to each other.
38. Team members seek out opportunities for informal communication.
39. Team members trust one another.
40. I can count on the other members of the team to help me when I need it.
41. Team members raise difficult issues with each other.

Drive and Resilience

42. Our team has passion and energy.
43. Our team is motivated.
44. Our team is cool under pressure.
45. Our team remains positive, even when setbacks occur.

Customer Focus

46. Our team regularly meets internal customer needs.
47. Our team regularly meets external customer needs.
48. Decisions made by the team are communicated to our internal customers effectively.


49. Our team is clear about each individual’s role.
50. Our team is clear about each individual’s decision-making authority.
51. Our team coordinates its actions and decisions well.
52. Our team has the right structure.

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