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Leading With Vision: 5 Things To Communicate

Leadership is all about communicating vision. And where vision is concerned, you have to communicate five critical things: What the vision is – and why. That the benefits are large, and the risk of failure is shared. That leadership is seriously committed and engaged in achieving the vision. That a plan is in place. That no …

50+ Vision Statement Examples from High-Performing Organizations

Establishing good vision in an organization is the key to sharpening focus. A statement of vision says, “here’s our direction, here’s where we’re going, and here’s how we’re going to change the world.” This tool defines a successful vision and provides examples of good vision statements. (Updated for 2021) Successful Vision Vision is not simply …

The Importance of a Leadership Vision Statement

I spent yesterday afternoon coaching the CEO of a medical research institute in Boston and we discussed the importance of leadership vision.