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Why Does Building a High-Performing Organization Matter?

I am writing this on Labor Day 2020, thinking about the work our firm does to build high-performing organizations. I want to address two questions: Why does building a high-performing organization matter? And what’s the connection between that work and Labor Day? Philosophers would argue I should start with the end itself – the intended …

How Our Views of History Influence Our Ability to Shape the Future

A colleague of mine passed along an article recently titled, “History and Organizational Change.” Written by two scholars in Canada, Roy Suddab and William M. Foster, their argument is…

Using Values to Decentralize Decision-Making

One of the greatest benefits of developing a framework of core values is that decision making can be decentralized.

The Benefits of Onboard Coaching: Assuring the Success of New Executives

One of the most valuable ways to assure high levels of success for leaders in your organization is to create an effective onboard coaching experience.

7 Tips for Senior Managers

Here are seven things I wish I had known when I was put in a senior management role: