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Sharpening the Focus for Boards of Directors

Boards of directors clearly have ultimate decision-making authority for everything under their guidance. But in actual practice, many boards don’t exercise that authority. Staff often drafts a recommendation and brings it to the board to ratify. This may be efficient, but it casts the board in the role of “rubber stamping.” Over time, this erodes …

10 Responsibilities of a Non-Profit Board of Directors

This tool spells out ten important responsibilities of a Non-Profit Board of Directors. Board members – and staff – can use this tool to make sure their boards stay on track. Keep in mind that the Board governs the organization – not individual Board members. Board members need to work together to fulfill these responsibilities. …

Managing the Board of Directors

Today, I met with the head of a large public agency (10,000 employees) and we talked about managing his Board of Directors so that they are supportive of his vision.