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For Board chairs of public agencies – an opportunity for expert coaching online

During this time, as everyone is sheltering in place and focusing on friends and family, we at LRI are doing the same. FaceTime and Zoom are helping us to keep in touch. And for those of us who have leadership responsibilities, as elected or appointed government officials, we must also stay focused on our mission …

The Case of the Restless Board

I’m working with a Board of Directors that is proving most challenging! This particular Board is a chamber of commerce composed of business owners. Every meeting is a marvel of micro-management. Should our web site have a blue banner or green? Which vendor should we use to host our annual meeting? Tactical decisions like these, …

Board Development Training: Fixing Corporate Boards

Is your corporate board suffering from any of these issues? Learn how to fix them.

Executive Corporate Board and the Disruptive Member

Ever had to deal with a disruptive board member? How do you balance keeping the Board on track and considering legitimate concerns?

CEO Board Development: Whose Role Is It?

At the heart of high performing organizations is clarity of decision-making roles.

Managing the Board of Directors

Today, I met with the head of a large public agency (10,000 employees) and we talked about managing his Board of Directors so that they are supportive of his vision.