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The Leveraged Leader | Leadership Trust and Balance of Power

“Leverage” is one of the most important things a leader can do.

California in Crisis: My Modest Budget Proposal

The solution to the budget crisis in California involves setting ground rules for communication that increase productive conversation on key issues.

CEO Coaching Lesson: The Conference Room

Story about how a tiny, crammed conference room builds credibility and faith in an organizations leaders.

A Good Day for Non Profit Strategic Planning

Yesterday was a good day with a client in Los Angeles. Here’s the short story.

Managing Change: The CEO’s Change Strategy

A CEO of a high-tech company told me today his story of managing change…

Roles and Goals | Corporate Leadership Development Program

Conversations about roles and goals need to occur all the time. Roles and goals often change, so people are often operating on old information…

Managing Too Many Clients with Productive Communication

Too many conflicting clients equals chaos. Here is a short story on bringing clients together with productive communication.

CEO Board Development: Whose Role Is It?

At the heart of high performing organizations is clarity of decision-making roles.

Overcoming Obstacles with a Business Leadership Development Program

“What are the obstacles to making the best use of your leadership time? What are the structural obstacles and the fear obstacles? How can you overcome them?”

Managing the Board of Directors

Today, I met with the head of a large public agency (10,000 employees) and we talked about managing his Board of Directors so that they are supportive of his vision.