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Straight Talk Workshop Materials

Straight Talk® Workshop Materials License


Price: $179.95

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This license package includes everything you’ll need to facilitate a Straight Talk workshop. This workshop provides a comprehensive look at communication styles, how to identify each style, the language of each style, how each style manages conflict, and the key ways in which each style makes assumptions. It is complete with more than a dozen exercises.

  • Straight Talk® Participant Workbook: The workbook contains all the exercises, diagrams, and reading material you need to create a successful workshop in communication styles.  (53 pages)
  • Straight Talk® Workshop Slides: This PPT presentation syncs up with the Run of Show, Agenda, and Participant Workbook.
  • Straight Talk® Workshop Run of Show: A detailed timeline for each section to facilitate a 2-hour workshop on communication styles.
  • Straight Talk® Workshop Agenda: A general overview to hand out to participants.
  • Straight Talk® Training PDFs: 14 additional PDFs for short bursts of Straight Talk expertise. Includes four tools and 10 lessons.
  • Straight Talk® Coaching Cards: Printable coaching cards that you can laminate for quick references to the Four Styles, Sixteen Specific Styles, Group Styles, Identifying Styles, The Circle of Assumptions, Checklist for Meetings, and Ground Rules for Effective Communication.
  • Straight Talk® Exercise Workbook: A self-learning tool with the sixteen exercises from the Straight Talk book.

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