Managing Effective Meetings


This course will teach you the five types of decisions and how to manage complex decision-making processes.



Course Description

Meetings consume thousands of dollars each year – in some organizations, hundreds of thousands of dollars. Creating and managing effective meetings is an essential skill for today’s managers. This video course helps managers develop that skill with a clear framework.

  • Understand the value of meetings
  • Define the meeting’s purpose
  • Identify the five types of meeting activities
  • Understand key meeting roles
  • Prepare an effective agenda
  • Appreciate decision making roles
  • Adhere to meeting protocols

Course Overview

  • 1: Introduction
  • 2: Value of Meetings
  • 3: Meeting Purpose and Managing Meetings
  • 4: Types of Meeting Activities
  • 5: Key Meeting Roles and Agenda
  • 6: Group Decision-Making
  • 7: Meeting Protocols and Ground Rules
  • 8: Meeting Styles

Lectures: 8
Video: 35 Minutes
Includes: Lifetime Access