Straight Talk® Team Profile + In-depth Styles Comparison Report


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The Straight Talk® Team Profile gives team leaders an in-depth understanding of their team members’ styles. The profile provides:

1) An overview of your team members’ styles with graphic display;

2) Scores for each of your team members;

3) Style descriptions for each of your team members.

Click here to see a sample Team Profile.

The Straight Talk® In-depth Styles Comparison Report includes in-depth style comparisons for each member. If there are 10 members, each member will receive a report with 9 style comparisons, showing how you relate, and how you can improve communication with each person.

Click here to see a sample In-depth Styles Comparison Report.

Before purchase: Create a free account, create a Team, invite your members, and once each has taken the survey we will have all the data to create the report. When purchasing, please write the Team Name in the Notes section.

Important note: The reports are not automatically generated. Please expect a 24-72 hour turnaround time for the development of your reports. If you need an expedited turnaround time, please contact us through the link below.

* For larger groups (31+), please contact us.