How to Write a Vision Statement


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This tool describes how to write a vision statement – a clear picture of where the organization wants to be in the future. It helps leaders identify the vision “drivers” of the organization. This tool includes: a vision statement planning meeting agenda, homework assignment, and questions to help develop your company vision statement. (2 pages)

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How to Write a Vision Statement

What is a Vision Statement? A vision statement gives people a clear picture of what the organization is aiming for in a finite period of time – typically ten years or less. It needs to be sufficiently visionary to sustain peoples’ energies and dreams. It should be sufficiently concrete that it results in clarity, not confusion, about goals and objectives. The vision statement is always rooted in the organization’s purpose and values.

Vision Statement Process

Appoint members of a team to develop the vision statement. This should include the senior officers of the organization. Members of the planning team should complete the homework assignment on the following pages and discuss their results.

The agenda below can be used to guide the planning meeting.

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