A Method for Solving Tough Business Problems


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This tool lays out a step-by-step process for addressing tough business issues. It is designed to work with any industry and any problem. (1 page)

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Solving Tough Business Problems

Here are the descriptions of each step – and an example.

1. State the business problem or issue as clearly and fully as possible. Focus on getting to the root issue. (See our related tool: “Issue Mapping.”) Addressing a symptom of a larger problem will leave you feeling stuck.

2. Hypothesize an approach and/or a solution. For example, the issue might be: “Our sales are declining, while our competitors’ sales are holding steady. We don’t know whether it’s a problem with our sales staff or a problem with our product.” In this case, you might decide to hire an outside firm to conduct a survey of your customers to discover how they perceive the problem.

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