Employee Performance Management


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One can view an employee’s professional development as having a life cycle. The cycle begins when a person starts working – and continues as long as the employee remains with an organization. In high performing organizations, people are aware of this life cycle and commit to an employee performance management process that everyone is engaged in. (2 pages)

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Employee Performance Management

The life cycle has these steps:

1. The first step is for managers and supervisors to clearly communicate and share their expectations with their employees directly, in person. There are different levels of expectations, including those of the company overall1, those of an individual manager or supervisor, and those of the employee. It is the supervisor’s job to communicate expectations effectively, in person, on an ongoing basis. Since expectations can change, it is vital that the manager or supervisor communicates them often and checks frequently to make sure the expectations are clear.

2. The second step is to provide ongoing…

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