Developing Management Standards


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Leaders and managers need to take the time to articulate and implement a consistent set of management standards for themselves and every manager and supervisor in the company. This checklist should detail the specific practices expected of every manager and supervisor. For example, it should clarify how managers assign decision-making responsibilities, how often they meet with staff, how they set performance expectations, and how often they provide performance feedback. (4 pages)

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Developing Management Standards

Management standards create consistency and eliminate much of the “background noise” and gossip that consumes managers’ time. Consistent management standards enable employees and managers to operate seamlessly across the organization, knowing what to expect.

Managers should be regularly evaluated on their performance in upholding the standards. Ideally, this is done through a 360-feedback process in which the manager’s direct reports, peers and managers provide input.

Here’s an alphabetical set of categories, accompanied by a suggested set of “best practices” and management standards. Feel free to modify the language in each category. But be sure that each category is addressed.

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