Pitching Your Business to Potential Investors


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This tool shows how to pitch your business to potential investors. It shows how to create an executive summary of your business plan, and how to construct a slide presentation and elevator pitch. These are the most important tools you have for pitching your business to potential investors. (2 pages)

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Pitching Your Business to Investors

Generally, the executive summary should be no more than 3 pages of written text. The presentation should consist of 12-15 slides and last no more than 8 minutes, and the elevator pitch should be no more than 2 minutes long.

Each of these should begin with a compelling overview that states what you do, who you sell to, what your value proposition is (that is, why someone will pay you for it), who you are, why you can do it and why you are seeking capital. This statement should grab your audience by the hair and hold their attention.

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