The Leadership Toolbox – 100+ PDF Leadership Tools


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LRI offers 100+ high-quality leadership tools you can immediately put to use. These quick bursts of management expertise contain zero filler and are condensed into 2-5 pages of solid content. Tools are written by the senior consultants at Leading Resources, Inc.

You will receive an instant download of the PDF tools after purchase.

You will also receive two books:

3 Change Management Tools

  • A Guide to Ownership Transition
  • Six Key Factors in Change Management
  • Successful Succession Planning for Partnerships

13 Communication Tools

  • A Quick Route to Resolving Conflicts
  • Quick Tips for Users of Straight Talk®
  • Four Advanced Communication Skills
  • Ground Rules for Productive Conversations
  • The Habits of Highly Effective Facilitators
  • Helping Groups Reach Consensus
  • Icebreakers
  • Inner Scripts
  • Straight Talk Matrix of Communication Styles
  • Straight Talk Profiles
  • Successful Meeting Management
  • The Circle of Assumptions
  • The Four Types of Intent

5 Core Value Tools

  • A Balanced Scorecard Tied to Core Values
  • Aligning Behaviors With Core Values
  • Aligning Employees Around Organization’s Core Values
  • Core Values and We Statements
  • Developing Core Values

3 Crisis Management Tools

  • Creating a Business Interruption Plan
  • How to Lead in Times of Crisis
  • How to Prepare for the Crisis You Hope Never Happens

16 Governance and Decision-Making Tools

  • A Guide to Robert’s Rules of Order
  • Best Practices in Corporate Governance
  • Board Governance: Three Frameworks
  • Coping with Decision Fatigue
  • Creating an Effective Advisory Board
  • Five Habits of High-Performing Boards
  • Five Types of Decisions
  • How a Board of Directors Effectively Communicates its Goals
  • How to Delegate Effectively
  • Recruiting Effective Board Members
  • The Evolution of Board Roles
  • The Evolution of Boards of Directors
  • Three Habits of High-Performing Committees
  • Three Steps to Flawless Decision-Making
  • What is Policy Governance?

4 Innovation Tools

  • 34 Ways to Encourage Intrapreneurship
  • Empowering Employees to Innovate
  • Helping New Supervisors and Managers Achieve Flow
  • Organizing for Innovation

10 Leadership Tools

  • Adult Learning Cycle
  • Best Practices for Professional Development
  • Executive Development Plan
  • Four Leadership Styles
  • How to be a Great Manager of People
  • How to Supervise
  • Inter-Generational Leadership
  • The 20 Qualities of Leadership
  • The Six Stages of Individual Development
  • The Three Types of Leaders
  • Three Phases of Leadership Development

7 Marketing Tools

  • Eight Ways to Expand Your Business
  • Evaluating the Business Potential of a New Product or Service
  • Five Tests of Competitive Advantage
  • How To Build A Brand Triangle
  • New Market Entry Strategies
  • Pitching Your Business to Potential Investors
  • The Science of Persuasion – Six Psychological Factors Every Marketer Should Know

3 Non Profit Tools

  • Ten Responsibilities of Non Profit Board Members
  • The Role of Non-Profit Board Chairs
  • Six Practices of High Impact Non-Profits

7 Organizational Development Tools

  • Five Keys to Building a Successful Organization
  • Five M&A Strategies – The Pros and Cons
  • Interviewing in Depth
  • Operating Principles for High-Performing Companies
  • Organizational Life Cycles
  • The Seven Deadly Diseases
  • What Successful Companies Do

5 Performance Management Tools

  • Developing Individual Performance – The Nine Steps
  • Development Management Standards
  • How to Build Effective Learning Loops
  • Performance Management for Corporations
  • Performance Management for Governing Boards
  • The Stairway to Performance – Focusing on Outcomes

4 Process Improvement Tools

  • A Method for Solving Tough Business Problems
  • Eight Step Process Improvement Plan
  • How to Succeed at Process Improvement
  • Issue Mapping – Identifying and Resolving Tough Business Problems

16 Strategic Planning Tools

  • Commonly Used Financial Ratios
  • Components of a Successful Business Plan
  • Defining a Competitive Strategy
  • Developing a Purpose Statement
  • Developing a Vision Statement
  • Effective Strategy Teams
  • Glossary of Strategic Planning Terms
  • Keys to Successful Strategic Thinking
  • Nine Types of Strategy
  • Our Vision – A Group Exercise
  • Strategic Impact Matrix
  • Strategic Planning Flowchart
  • The Six Principles of Strategic Positioning
  • The Six Rings Model
  • The Three Levels of Strategic Planning
  • What is Vision?

10 Team Building Tools

  • Five Habits of High-Performing Teams
  • Focus and Trust in High-Performing Teams
  • Team Charters
  • Team Operating Principles
  • Stages of Team Development
  • Teams vs. Groups
  • The Emotional Intelligence of Teams
  • The Six Thinking Hats
  • The Team Checklist
  • Trust Need Matrix

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