The Four Leadership Paradoxes


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Change is difficult enough. But for people in leadership roles, change can be made even more difficult because the way is never clear. Everywhere you look there are paradoxes. This tool describes four paradoxes that all leaders have to grapple with. (4 Pages)

  • The Ambition Paradox: Leadership is a humble act undertaken by ambitious people.
  • The Assumption Paradox: Decisions are made on assumptions, but our assumptions are often wrong.
  • The Worldview Paradox: A leader has to understand multiple worldviews – and yet operate in his or her own.
  • The Succession Paradox: All leaders must plan for their own departure.

Because you will deal with all of these paradoxes at some point in your career, it’s important to become familiar with them and have a strategy in hand so that rather than being tripped up, you can choose the right road.

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