Leadership Team Development


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One of the ways an organization achieves high performance is by effective leadership team development. This tool shows how LRI helps develop effective leadership teams that can implement change successfully and achieve desired outcomes. (2 pages)

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Leadership Team Development

Let’s assume that you and your leadership have taken the time to develop a strategic plan. Purpose, vision, and core values have been clearly articulated. Objectives and strategies defining how you will achieve the goals are clearly outlined. A “dashboard” containing performance metrics and targets is in place. Now, the hard work begins – implementation and follow-through.

Frankly, the implementation stage is where most organizations come face-to-face with the ability of the leadership team to successfully drive change and deliver the desired outcomes. What can be done to ensure that the organization doesn’t fall short in this stage? One answer is to focus on increasing the effectiveness of the leadership team. What does that look like?

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