Adult Learning Cycle


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This tool explains the Adult Learning Cycle and how to benefit from understanding its four stages. Successful organizations understand the process of how adults learn and use this information to develop their employees in areas such as leadership, process improvement, and organizational change. (2 pages)

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The Adult Learning Cycle

Before considering the cycle, it is important to understand these four concepts concerning the role that learning plays in the development of leaders and the success of organizations:

– Learning is a part of work and work involves learning.
– Learning is not only about getting answers from others. It is about translating our personal experiences into meaningful knowledge.
– Learning is a result from intentional and planned efforts to learn.
– The capability to learn comes from within yourself. While experts can teach you about the learning process, no one but you can learn your personal method of answering difficult problems.

By linking learning to individual and organizational success, you and others in your organization can use the use the concepts of the Adult Learning Cycle to facilitate an optimal learning atmosphere.

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