Empowering Employees to Innovate


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This handy tool for empowering employees provides a way for employees to suggest ideas for improvement (a new market to go into, a new product to sell, or a new way of doing business). Using a simple template, it asks for five pieces of information that are important in evaluating whether the idea has merit. Leaders can tell their employees: Use this form if you have an idea that you think will make this company more successful. (2 pages)

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Empowering Employees to Innovate

By offering rewards, you are empowering employees to submit ideas. If you really want to shake things up, tell employees that all ideas will be automatically enacted in 30 days unless there is a good reason why not. This puts the burden on the manager who evaluates the idea to explain why it will NOT be implemented. This neatly avoids the situation where a manager might simply ignore the suggestion.

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