Three Habits of High-Performing Board Committees


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When Boards of Directors form board committees, it is important to be clear about the board committees’ purpose and role, as well as the role of committee members. This tool explains the central purpose of a board committee and looks three habits that define a high-performing committee. (1 page)

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High-Performing Board Committees

In general, the purpose of committees is to be an extension of the Board of Directors. They gather information, generate options, and develop reports and recommendations for the full Board of Directors. Unless otherwise specified in bylaws or Board policies, committees do not exercise any final authority, either over resources (i.e. money) or over staff.

Committee members also have a role to play in gathering information and providing input and suggestions. On an individual basis, when requested, they can perform tasks that advance the organization’s goals and objectives. But their authority is limited to making recommendations.

The following habits of effective board committees should be viewed in the context of…

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